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PT Kawasan Berikat Nusantara ( Persero)

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PT Kawasan Berikat Nusantara ( Persero)
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Name:Mr. Subrata [Employee]
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Phone Number:62 021 44820909
Address:Jl. Raya Cakung-Cilincing
Jakarta_Utara, Jakarta
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Registration Date:May. 08, 2008
Last Updated:May. 08, 2008
Business Nature:Service of Business Services category

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Company' s Business
The business of PT. KBN is to manage industrial zones, both of the bonded zone status ( export processing zone) and the non-bonded zone status ( non-export processing zone) .
The bonded zone means a certain territory in the customs area of Indonesia, which in one of the supporting infrastructures for economic development by the use of the site to promote export-oriented industrial processing, granted special incentive, namely the exemption of import duty and levies from other countries.
Another facility provided by the government to investors choosing the KBN is that 50% of the production may be marketed domestically in Indonesia and the foreign investor may own 100% of shares. The core business types run by PT. KBN comprise the property service consisting of leasing land and building for plants with “ one stop service” and logistics services to support.

Core Business
Property Service
The property service is the business of leasing out land and/ or plant to investor/ customer who is export-oriented with the support of “ one stop service” . The “ one-stop service” is the service of granting permit to business activity of investors directly issued by PT. KBN as the manager of the zone, so that the investor need no processing of the business permit with any other related agencies or departments, the permits cover :
• Approval for foreign capital investment ( PMA) ;
• Approval for domestic capital investment ( PMDN) ;
• Master list of capital goods;
• Permanent business permit ( IUT) for PMA/ PMDN;
• Limited importer' s identification Number ( APIT) ;
• Certificate of Origin ( SKA) ; and
• Building permit ( Decision of the Governer of Jakarta Special Capital Region Number 2599 of 1987) .

Logistics Service
The logistics service integrates the forwarding service and warehousing service both bonded warehouse and general warehouse and the container depot into the total logistics system, covering :
• Export/ import document processing;
• Trucking service;
• Forwarding service ( forklift, crane, reach steaker) ;
• Lease of warehouse/ field and container depot.

Supporting Facilities
To support the operations of customer, the company also provides supporting facility in the form of port service in Marunda and health center in all business units.

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